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Music Auditions: Charli Haruhi - Electronic - Massachusetts, USA | Music Discovery XO Auditions

08-03-2020 17:17 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Electronic music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Massachusetts's independent/emerging music scene with Charli Haruhi
Music by Charli Haruhi on YouTube | Soundcloud

Charli Haruhi
Electronic Music Artist
Massachusetts, USA


Charli Haruhi is an electronic pop artist based in Virginia. Drawing from indie rock, prog, and dance influences, Haruhi creates a diverse, immersive world of music all held together by one distinct vision. Born Selathia Chestnut to a military family, the young artist identifies as non binary. They spent their childhood constantly on the move, from Germany to the United States, never fully settling in one place long enough to feel at home. Music offered them a place where they could fully express themself without enduring society’s harsh judgment. “I’ve always felt like an alien,” they explain. That fascination with outer space is just one of Haruhi’s eccentricities. They’ve spent an equal amount of time studying psychology, religion, astrophysics, and even anime. Their quest for knowledge would even lead to a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016. All of these loosely connected topics help form the narrative thread that makes up Haruhi’s songs. Introspective, adventurous, and sometimes surprising, they explore what it means to be a human being in a world which defies explanation.





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