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Music Auditions: Camari - Hip Hop - New Jersey, USA | SRL Auditions

11-02-2020 20:59 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
New Jersey, USA


My name is Camari Booth, stage name is just my first name. I am a 22 year old hip hop producer, rapper and singer from East Brunswick, New Jersey. I started dabbling in music back in 2013, that was when i freestyled with my cousin for the first time and was discovering DJing software and putting a lot of time into that for fun. A year later i started making beats on garage band and writing poems and a year after that i began to start rapping. 2017 is when i released my first tape "Royal Garden" and taking music seriously. My main idol is tyler the creator and many of artist that i have looked up to over the years helped inspire me to be myself and to not be afraid to let my mind do its thing and embrace being one of a kind.





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