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Music Auditions: B-Line - Drum 'n' Bass - Birmingham, UK | SRL Auditions

11-02-2020 16:19 GMT

Drum 'N' Bass Music Artist
Birmingham, UK


Hello, im a starting up mc from Birmingham and ive started to get a fair few people starting to notice my movement and rating my music I have plays all over Europe on soundcloud and I preform on a multi-genre basis which expands my fan base. I would like to be put in touch with promoters and management in the industry as this is what I wish to do full time. At the moment, my music is pushing 33k views with a total of 108000 just over a year. I have nearly 700 followers on soundcloud and I have just started paying for music videos to be done to expand my youtube. I am really serious about my music and put a lot of my time and hard earnt money from my job into this. I get payed a small amount from soundcloud but hope with my views and following that I can make that expansion. Thanks a lot, Blaine





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