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Music Auditions: Bla.Zé - Hip Hop - Wisconsin, USA | SRL Auditions

13-01-2020 22:00 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
Wisconsin, USA


They say it’s that one has to be lost in order for the others to be found. Such is the story of Missouri’s BLA·Zé, the black sheep in the family who has embraced his differences, choosing to follow the path of least resistance and pursuing his dreams of becoming a fully-fledged musician. At its core, BLA·Zé’s music is rife with themes of empathy, surprise, courage, nostalgia and triumph. Packaged up the format of Hip Hop, he uses music as a vehicle for expressing the essence of life -- overcoming adversity and staying true to one’s self in a world of pretenders. Refusing to be pigeonholed into a singular genre, BLA·Zé instead chooses to connect the breadth of his influences, combining old school with new sounds and ideas in novel and interesting ways. While a relative newcomer, the artist has a lot to say, and is ready to step out into the world to showcase his talents. Above all, BLA·Zé’s music serves as an outlet to uncover and heal suppressed emotions and trauma, and it is through the honest surrender of pure, musical expression that allows for him to reflect on the past, belong in the present, and grow into the future. BLA·Zé has been writing music since 2016, as early as first grade performing in choir recitals. More recently, he has written parodies of popular songs for ‘The Pascal Show’ in St. Louis, hosted by Pascal Beauboeuf. The experience left a profound impact on his desire to continue creating and expressing himself through music. Aside from music, he is also an avid comedian, and has performed his stand up comedy routines since 2016 in and around Wisconsin. Performing comedy in front of crowds has prepared him to take on this new endeavor as an emcee. BLA·Zé attended e’Xtreme Institute by Nelly from 2015-2017, directed by multi-platinum engineer Carl Nappa and producer Wyshmaster. Additionally, he was placed under the wing of the revered, Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum producer Alonzo Lee (The Trak Starz). His debut single, titled ‘New Beginnings’ was released on January 1st 2020, which feature's VINNYKR3W.





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