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Music Auditions: Doug Westcott - Pop - Texas, USA | SRL Auditions

13-01-2020 15:18 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Pop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Texas's independent/emerging music scene with Doug Westcott
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Doug Westcott
Pop Music Singer Songwriter
Texas, USA


I've been playing guitar and writing music since I was 12 when I joined my 1st band. I was in bands all throughout high school but there was always 1 band mate that either had a drug problem, or stuck up their girlfriends butt, or didn't want to commit so I went through a lot of frustration. Then I saw Ed Sheeran perform live by himself and discovered what the Loop Pedal was. So I got a loop pedal and started doing a solo thing so that I wouldn't have to depend on anyone anymore. I knew I would have the drive if I did it myself. So I decided to go solo, playing shows, writing music, and studying. My passion is playing Live. There is not a better feeling on the planet to me. I love creating new ways to connect to the audience. Once they are connected they will hear the message. My songs are about life. The message is to not give up, and that life doesn't have to be as hard as we are making it. Basically to offer a different perspective... a wise perspective I don't really know what Genre I should be in to be honest. I've asked everyone and no one can put there finger on it. maybe you could help with that. I am a very driven and hungry artist, but limited with funds. I am releasing an Album in 2020. Shooting for March or April. I have played all over Houston for the past 3 years, but now staring to venture out. I played Utah in April, and just got back from a show in Dallas. I've been featured on 94.5 The BUZZ's Rod Ryan Morning show multiple times, playing live on air with interview,. I placed 3rd in the Coast 2 Coast Artist Showcase in Houston 2017. Earlier this year 94.5 The BUZZ hosted the Next Big Thing Contest, and the winner would get to open for Blue October. I didn't win the contest (voted by Houston people) but Blue October's Manager, Paul, called me and put me on the bill anyway. Told me that Justin liked my music and wanted me to Open up the Festival. So I had the privilege of opening up the Houston Music and Arts Fest with Blue October this year July 2019. Now things are finally starting to happen, but what I'm missing is the right audience.





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