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Music Auditions: Bonfire Dre - Hip Hop - Rhode Island, USA | SRL Auditions

12-01-2020 23:35 GMT

Bonfire Dre
Hip Hop Music Artist
Rhode Island, USA


My name is Bonfire Dre, a rapper/producer/engineer from East Greenwich RI. This town is not known to have many acts in this field, but one of my goals is to be the first known from here. I started taking an interest in Hip Hop around 14, when I made a verse for a school project and it was well received. Ever since, I have been writing lyrics and making beats almost every day. I started recording two years ago (around 16 years ago) when I was in a rap beef with a classmate. I learned a lot from that battle, in terms of becoming a prominent emcee and making good music. The song I made as a result of that accumulated to about 8,000 views with the only promotion being putting it on my Snapchat story. This was when I realized I have serious potential. I have been dropping singles and EPs after this release, which brought me a small local buzz around my neighborhood. However, with the few hundred plays I would get each single, I still remain hungry to be heard by more. At this point in my career, I am looking for any help I can get, and this seems like a legitimate source. My album/mixtape, Pyromaniac, will likely be releasing around 2020, and because it is already shaping up to being a very solid body of work, my next step is to get it heard by a broader audience.




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