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Music Auditions: Moses Brown - R&B - Paris, France | SRL Auditions

13-01-2020 11:17 GMT

Music Audition. Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Paris's independent/emerging music scene with Moses Brown
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Moses Brown
R&B Music Singer Songwriter
Paris, France


Moses Brown is a complete and self-taught artist: writer and performer, the young man is also a renowned capoeirist and twice European champion. Passionate about the artistic alchemy in which he blossomed, he has since 2005 created his own artistic universe, as eclectic as he is, and which gives him the freedom of expression he needs. Because Art is vital to him. Refusing to conform to the beaten track, the ambitious Moses develops today other strings to his bow, that allow him to express without limits his feelings, his strength and his overflowing energy. An artist with a strong personality, he likes to play on his style of dress and assert himself in each of his movements. A committed artist, he defends values that are close to him, with sharing as one of his main motivations. To defend them, his weapons are soul, R&B for singing, and capoeira for dance. Moses keeps reinventing himself, always looking for new challenges, passionate about sharing music to make people happy: he keeps a Pure soul and still like the game





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