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Music Auditions: Anna Vernov - Soul - Paris, France | SRL Auditions

22-12-2019 01:18 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Folk music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Paris's independent/emerging music scene with Anna Vernov
Music by Anna Vernov on Soundcloud | YouTube

Anna Vernov
Soul Music Artist
Paris, France


Anna Vernov is a singer, songwriter, actress and producer; Winner (laureate) 6-tuple of international competitions, "The Golden Voice" 2015 - more than 4M of votes, occurs in various countries.Have output 75+ works including more than 20 singles, 7 albums [I COME - Anna KOCHEVA : 19 tracks], "Made In Love" from her group "AKKA" on CD & DVD (which contains 4 clips and a short film), draw 600 copies and over 70 web-distribution/sales platforms. Album "Russia" with the bonus clip "Na Bali". Album of covers in jazz "Yiddish songs". Violet album "Vanadium". More than 50 covers, more than 500 official audiovisual productions outside social networks and other profile networks. French single "Je donnerai ma vie /On se ressemble tous differement" and others...500K + views in free access excluding sales, 2 roles in European cinema. The year 2020 prophecies the beginning in the film production for the movie "Place Concorde" inspired by the work at "EuropaCorp" for the film "ANNA" by Luc Besson. At the crossroads of various musical horizons, Anna KOCHEVA - a young star started in Russia in 2007 with the album "I COME", In France presented in 2013 by the agency "Les TĂȘtes de Pub", founded the group "Akka" , with international origins engraves his music on a first album, Made in Love, published in 2015. Broadcast on a large number of radios (Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Germany, France and Belgium), labels [Highlight, Keyzit FRANCE, PopTones studio ] productions, then interested in this young eclectic artist mixing traditional music, jazz fusion and electronic music with the intention of creating the new music of tomorrow EJ - rhythmic soul. The album "VANADIUM", similarly as the album "Russia" represents this new formula of the "music of tomorrow". But the band AKKA unfortunately does not continue its way, today if you search on WEB the group will find it but just beside the name ANNA VERNOV. Statistics of countries where artist's music is rotated France, United States, India, Colombia, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, United Kingdom, Norway, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina.





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