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Music Auditions: Jun Lethal Poet - Hip Hop - Pennsylvania, USA | YouTube | Soundcloud

27-11-2019 02:13 GMT

Jun Lethal Poet
Hip Hop Music Artist
Pennsylvania, USA


I'm Jun Lethal Poet writing is my passion. I started writing poetry in 8th grade, in 10th grade my bestfriend made me rap. I have overcome every obstacle in my life. I survived death 2 times music and writing is what sets me free. All my life people have told me I have a way with words. I appreciate life and use life as inspiration in my compositions. A few years ago my never too late album was taken from me a few months after that if you're reading this it's too late comes out. I'm out for redemption. Since then I have continued to write my writing abilities have evolved so much. Many of my songs are commercial nobody has heard them but they are money makers. I am always open to being a ghostwriter. Thank you for reading. God bless.





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