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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: LightBody Sound - Electronic - Virginia, USA | Bandcamp

11-09-2019 11:45 GMT

LightBody Sound
Electronic Music Band
Virginia, USA


These two gypsies met on a balmy South Texas night at a retired brothel... The Last Concert Cafe. She was a down on her luck opera-singer, drowning her broken heart and luminous talent in too much tequila, he was a mysterious troubadour, quite sophisticated and yet consistenty ill-behaved.

This meeting of hearts would not be the scene of their last concert, in fact just the opposite. Did I mention they met on St Patricks' Day? Yes it's true and as luck would have it... He guessed her sign, they have been making music ever since. 12 years, two children, 6 moves later they think they've really created something special: music to awaken you to the beauty and healing power of your soul.

They sing, they argue, they laugh, they cry, but all in all, they are out to awaken you to your divine power, your worth, the unlimited opportunity and possibility that is you... and awaken to their own as well. They set out on a road to somewhere, somewhere they have never been, because burnin' at both ends was wearing them down they had to go 'a travelin.'

Join Elizabeth & Chris Knudson, aka The Song Healer & Kanude... as they fuse their musical talents in a truly unique and transcendent musical experience. "We aim to inspire you and rewire you in a mystical journey of sound, spoken word and song... Yes, welcome to our amazing show!"

Contact us to be notified of our next performances and to find out more about their 2019-2020 release and touring schedule.




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