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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: 3atiya - R&B - New Jersey, USA | YouTube

26-07-2019 13:22 GMT

Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore New Jersey's independent/emerging music scene with 3atiya

R&B Music Artist
New Jersey, USA


ATIYA's POP-ROCK-SOUL music infuses rocking guitars, three part harmonies and layered arrangements.  Her mission is to build generational bridges & sing her purpose exactly as the party shakers played back in 1957 paired with a sugar snap of 2084. ATIYA started singing at her friends & families events by the age of 10yrs.  The shy suburban countrybumkin is finally coming clean while in her element doing what she does best--more than what a fashion hat can describe. ​

Gratefully she never stopped performing at arena's for  fashion shows, concerts, carnivals and festivals & networks such as ABC, NBC & CNN to name a few.  She's honored by all the life changing experiences as well as pure friendships along the way even through her finest cocktail hours.

​ ATIYA supports positivity in all the Production Companies, Studios & Shared Lots she's built, affiliated & associated with.

ATIYA's heart of gold and gifts built severals businesses and organizations. Lookout for more achievements to come on her social media feeds. She graduated from Rider's Universe at the Bronc's Radio 107.7fm est. AMDA (Music Conservatory) & Princeton Westminister Choir College & St. Mary. She's always been the leading No 1 Hit to millions. She lives above the noise & suites & yes she did write a posty note 2 herself!!!!!! SAVED IT. ATIYA is a Iconic Performer who is a pillar of strength & a beacon of light in her community. Her only mission is to heals the world with random acts of kindness. Our very own Anthony thought you'd like to hear that when you have cardio & shopping at your nearest mall elevator waterfall music. ​ EnVouge held off long enough. Thank you thank you, bye, papa ---, Hey There, Boo thang, my friends, globe trotters, & mustard mix greens all adore the LOVE I'll keep it up! Infinite 2 my LOVE SURVIVORS Campaign for those who find each other! Your support last year my guy's & dolls helped. Until next time soldiers & seals.




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