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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Jimmie Lee - Pop - Texas, USA | Reverbnation

25-06-2019 15:19 GMT

Jimmie Lee
Pop Music Artist
Texas, USA


Jimmie Lee grew up entertaining himself with many things, music being one of them. His love of music grew and he began writing song lyrics as a young boy by making noises with his mouth (ie. Bobby McFerrin) and making up the lyrics along with the "music" that he made with his mouth. Not being interested in how to play an instrument, Jimmie focused on his love for lyric writing. As the years went on, he developed an interest in singing and, eventually, he came around to the idea of producing his own music. After a few attempts at having someone else recreate what he heard within himself and not being pleased with their results, Jimmie decided to wear all of the the hats: vocalist, lyricist, arranger, and producer. Currently, Jimmie Lee is teaching himself Pro Tools 10 and working on his music. One song at a time.




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