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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Audie B - Hip Hop - Paris, France | YouTube | Soundcloud

21-05-2023 01:02 GMT

Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Paris's independent/emerging music scene with Audie B

Audie B
Hip Hop Music Artist
Paris, France


Born of parents both passionate about music and travel, Audie B made her first steps in Paris and discovered at the age of 3 the artistic community. At the age of 7, she left France for Australia, her second homeland. She lives on the coastal city of Newcastle near Sydney and spends her free time practicing various arts.

She joined the Royal Academy of Dance at the age of 9 and attended classical ballet classes. She then expands her love of dance by practicing modern jazz and contemporary dance under the direction of Marie Walton-Mahon at the National College of Dance.

In love with the arts in general, Audie B is also interested in theater, co-writing and playing Cirque De Newee

Before embarking on university studies, Audie B takes a year off and goes through Europe and stops in France. She enriches her artistic skills and integrates the Cours Florent, the International Dance Academy of Paris and the Janine Stanlowa Institute.

Back in Sydney to complete her university studies, Audie B also works as an animator, choreographer for Elite Fashion Events, Elite Podium Dancers, Melissa James, Lauren Day … etc., dance teacher and resident ballerina at the Marquee Club in Sydney and presenter TV.

Passionate about dance and traveling, she then traveled the globe for 3 years on the Ponant cruise ships as an artist. Her passion for music takes over, she immerses herself in all the landscapes and cultures she meets and deepens her art for writing songs, especially Rap.

In 2016, she finally decides to settle in Paris. She integrates a musical, participates in clips and feature films and launches herself full-time as a rapper & songwriter.

In 2018, Audie B signs with label JSMUSIK , producer Sidney H, who has won best french melodist awards and long worked closely with Kerredine Soltani , producer of Zaz, Kendji , Louise & Louise..etc, just to name a few…





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