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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Verze - Hip Hop - Nevada, USA | YouTube | Soundcloud

01-06-2019 22:36 GMT

Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Nevada's independent/emerging music scene with Verze

Hip Hop Music Artist
Nevada, USA


Born august 31,1984 verze was named after his father and grandfather ismael carrasco,originaly born in a town called tecoman colima,Ismael senior decided to take his family out of poverty and head for the states in order to give the carrascos a better life.after crossing over to the states they made there way towards san bernardino california ,here is where the true story begins verze attended schools like cypress elementary as well as lankershim and highschools going from san gorgonio to pacific,curtis middle school is where the true acknoledgment of his musical talent was really accepted.at age 13 is where verze decided to be a rapper,fully indulged in music and all of its fassets verze made the decision to drop out of school and pursue his music career fully. hitting the rap scene in san bernardino was proving to be a bit complicated being that if you werent part of a street gang you really werent looked at as serious.after long years of struggling with not only a stage name but recording his music and performing around town,verze finally got his opportunity to perform infront of a crowd of 300 people at the sturges center hosted by mike c at the rip it up concert(a legend in the IE) not much to some but for verze was a huge accomplishment.this is where he then met with odd mob leader blens which later ended up turning foul due to business reason verze does not want to speak about,odd mob embraced verze as there own doing shows at rays deli from monthly to weekly verze had one of the quote unquote livest shows around san bernardino being crown "king hyphy of the IE"his stage pressence was recognized by everyone and anyone attending these shows whether during or after.verze to this day continues his struggle to make a name of himself sacraficing everything in order to bring everyone good music and laughs with plenty of entertainment.





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