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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Harvest Media Company - Instrumental - Florida, USA | Reverbnation | YouTube

05-06-2019 08:12 GMT

Harvest Media Company
Music Composer
Florida, USA


Harvest Media Company produces, mixes & masters remotely in all major genres. In addition, we clean up vocals, and tighten up arrangements. If you have an idea, but are unsure as to which direction you need to go, we have you covered. (query about our custom tracks, album cover design, sample clearance and distribution services). Harvest Media Company's services include Custom tracks, remote mastering & mixing, vocal correction, custom album cover design, press kit design, music distribution, sample clearance, song/lyric registration, social media marketing, audio conversion, management. All of our services are sold as flat-rate packages without hidden fees. Payment plans can also be provided for qualifying artists. We also provide some services in exchange for future royalties, or in the alternative, structured payments w/future royalties combined. Harvest Media Company understands the dilemma most artists face in becoming, as we are artists ourselves. In is in your best interest to begin/continue your music career properly. Make no mistake, the music industry is teeming with individuals who can, and will take legal advantage of a struggling artist. All so often, it is the artist themselves who opens the door to exploitation due to ignorance, and/or financial hardship. We've been there as individuals, and can aid you in establishing the best protection for your work. Harvest Media Company can ensure that your most valuable asset, your music, will grow dynamically, be legally protected, and provide you with a viable future income.





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