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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Grant Ray - R&B - Florida, USA | Soundcloud | YouTube

14-06-2019 19:53 GMT

Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Florida's independent/emerging music scene with Grant Ray

Grant Ray
R&B Music Artist
Florida, USA


GRANT RAY also known as EL LEON has been singing his way all throughout his life.Born in 1989 as a biracial child of an irish american mother and an afro puerto rican father who he never got to know, life did not begin kind for the young talent.Severely abused,neglected,often forgotten and made to feel like nothing, Grant discovered music as an escape from his hellish childhood and found his voice at the age of 9.Unfortunately he also found himself victim of childhood obesity, as the low income family could not afford good food. Relying on music to save him, Grant knew he wanted to become a singer when he grew up and was determined to make it happen no matter what.His weight at a high of 350 pounds by age 13, kept him back socially and forced him to hide his secret talent from the world till the age of 15 when he decided to make the lifesaving change that would transform him into the person he was meant to be. In 5 months Grant lost an astounding 100 pounds and soon lost 50 more through brutal hard work and undying willpower and was no longer the shy, affraid child scared to let his voice be heard.A near deadly eating disorder soon followed , putting his life in jeopardy. After ending up in many hospitals , Grant found his way out of the mess and remembered music comes first. Upon discovering bodybuilding , a transitional period once again began and only a few years later Grant came back a 170 pound athlete with 5% bodyfat - an incredible long way from his former 350 pound self. Having had music on the sideline while achieving these victories , he knew he was finally ready to hit the stage and the ground running. After taking some time to re-develop his voice after a traumatizing audition for AMERICAN IDOL at age 18, Grant soon found a home in the nightlife entertainment venues of miami and began perfecting his stage and vocal presence over the next couple years.A vocal spectacle folks never saw coming, he continued to impress the crowds and leave his mark with his soulful, gritty and often nuclear powered vocal acrobatics inspired throughout his life by his heroes whitney houston, Michael jackson, Mariah carey, Prince and many other r&b legends. Grant , not having been in the studio since age 12 when he recorded his first demo , made his return to record his first original song JUST WITH THE RIDE, a club pop banger with heavy production and a mainstream pop vibe which was a big personal achievement for the singer. He followed up a couple years later with a gospel drenched anthem WE STAND ALLEGIANT, which fully put his stratospheric, run-laiden and gospel inspired vocal range front and center in the midst of the song's personal message.He then took another turn and recorded WHEN IM WITH U, a sleek far cry from his usual vocal style, as he ventured into a more subtle sound of contemporary r&b. Going on to a full music career, Grant paved a way, playing shows in miami, delray, fort lauderdale and more. He currently has various new music videos and several new singles out and is also a proud author and online shop owner now. Grant is now the complete opposite in looks, strength and attitude than the boy he was long ago and is continuing his path to stardom through relentless hard work and an undying passion to change the world one note at a time. He never gave up through his turbulant life and is living proof that nothing is impossible - no matter how hard we fall, we all have the power inside to rise and come back as a stronger, better human being than before.





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