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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Downie Streahl - Pop - Michigan, USA | YouTube | Soundcloud

19-05-2019 18:41 GMT

Discover Pop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Michigan's independent/emerging music scene with Downie Streahl

Downie Streahl
Pop Singer Songwriter
Michigan, USA


Downie has been singing in front of audiences since she was a small girl. She began her formal vocal training as a young teenager performing classical, pop and jazz music. Whether in the recording studio or live, she is a seasoned vocalist with a wide range, able to execute all genres of music with emotional depth and creativity. Streahl’s albums and music have been played internationally around the globe winning awards. And she has gained critical acclaim with her performances in places as varied as Tokyo, Japan and on stage in Las Vegas beside the Grammy winning singer Crystal Gayle. Along with her love of performing Downie is a well respected vocal coach and music teacher, having taught in the States and Japan. Downie's performances and music have won her awards and critical acclaim around the world. As well as being a seasoned performer and vocalist, Downie is a songwriter in pop, smooth jazz and jazz. Her original music can also be heard on two previous albums "Just Ask Me" and "A Different Kind Of You", which have been playing around the globe. Downie's song "Now" Made it to #18 on the Euro Indie Music Chart and was played on stations internationally. Her hit single 'Unavailable' received rave reviews and made it to #5 on the Euro Indie Music Chart as well as being picked up by stations around the globe. Downie's new song "Run Away With You" has just been released world wide and is gaining popularity charting at #20 on the Commercial Upfront Music Chart by DJ Neil Brown. Her album "Are You Ready" is available on Amazon Music





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