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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: C M Obrecht - Trance - Hofstetten, Switzerland | Soundcloud | YouTube

29-05-2019 17:28 GMT

C M Obrecht
Trance Music Producer
Hofstetten, Switzerland


I was born 1980 in Hofstetten SO, Switzerland, where I currently live. Since I was about 16 years old, I am passionate about electronic music and synthesizers whose sounds have fascinated me since I was 7 years old. This is also thanks to my father brought me the music of Jean-Michel Jarre closer and showed concerts on television. Around 1997, I recorded some of my own music, at that time with a Yamaha Cs1x ("ROMpler") and a Doepfer MS-404. For other synthesizers, especially the increasingly expensive classics, of course, the money was missing and new models were then few apart from the digital ROMs or a few larger and expensive analog models. Then I learned (after piano lessons in childhood to about the age of 16) and various wind instruments (including the Renaissance period) and in 2015, I finally came across the analog Korg volca synthesizer by chance in a shop. This has rekindled the fire - I noticed only then that there are again very many synthesizers, also analogues, and replicas of the missing classics, at reasonable prices. Exactly what I wanted with 17 was now possible. I work as a software developer / programmer. In addition, I learned and learned various languages, including Swedish (which I hardly ever used), Russian (especially read and write), Slovak, some Polish and Czech along with a little Slovenian and also Hungarian. German is my native language.

Instruments I play:

- Korg volca keys; volca bass; volca FM
 - Korg volca kick; volca beats
 - Arturia microBrute
 - Korg microKorg
 - Roland JP-08 (boutique)
 - Roland System-1
 - Roland TR-707
 - Roland MC-303 groovebox
 - Roland TR-09 & TR-08
 - Roland D-05
 - Hauptwerk
 - Roland TB-03 & SH-01a
 - Korg minilogue
 - AKAI MPX 16 sampler
 - Behringer DeepMind 12 D





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