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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Geo Moon - Rock - Tyne and Wear, UK | YouTube | Reverbnation

27-04-2019 15:06 GMT

Discover Rock music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Tyne and Wear's independent/emerging music scene with Geo Moon

Geo Moon
Rock Music Artist
Tyne and Wear, UK


Geo Moon is a music act, a Stage Name inspired by Georgios Minas. He is the person behind the music/vocals and the production of the debut album. The first 12 track album with title: 12 Years of Patience is characterised as Rock, Rap, Alternative and experimental, with some riffs reaching out to the metal genre. 4 Music video clips are adding up to the whole image, making the Musical Persona of the act to come across. The Geo Moon live Performances 2019 line Up is consisted of : Nick Tennant- Bass Georgios Minas - Vocals. Guitar, Piano-synths Adam Telford - Drums How it started:It all happened the summer of 2018. Two of Geo's bands split up and left him emotionally broken.That led to the decision of making a solo album (including the production and the mix/master) and so he did.5th of January the debut Geo Moon album was released and gathered some nice critics. Geo was gigging solo with an acoustic guitar till he gathered the team consisted of Nick and Phil. Lynn joined the band for a while before he decided to leave for his own personal reasons! After he left Adam took his role and it seems that we've found our Drummer! Phil(our lead guitarist) is unfortunately off action, dealing with health issues. So the band will anounce a guitarist soon!





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