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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Ranzel X Kendrick - Singer Songwriter - Texas, USA | Soundcloud | YouTube

18-04-2019 16:40 GMT

Discover Singer Songwriter music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Texas's independent/emerging music scene with Ranzel X Kendrick

Ranzel X Kendrick
Singer Songwriter
Texas, USA


Part rambling man, part hill country gypsy, Kendrick sounds like no one else. Original. Fresh. Passionate, Real, Raw and Different. Honing his songwriting skills as a youth with tips from multi-Grammy winner Country Western legend “Uncle” Roger Miller. Who Kendrick often jammed with as a teen, when Miller was in town visiting family.

While living in Maryland, Colorado, California, Tennessee & Texas, Kendrick continued writing his genre-blending music. Performing randomly at places like the historic “Bitter End” venue in Greenwich Village, New York. Where famous singer-songwriters have their faces painted on the wall in memory of playing the venue.

Developing his original Kendrick-sound in a delightful catalog of songs, the elusive enigma artist started releasing his music with the Texas Paintbrush CD in 2017. The first of a 3-CD “Texas Series” trilogy, to include Texas Sagebrush / Spring of 2018, and Texas Cactus / Spring 2019.

Some of Kendrick’s best from the Texas Paintbrush album showing on #7 I Don’t Want to Go Home, with master guitarist "Toshi Yanagi" of the Jimmy Kimmel Show. And again in his #9 Canyon Hymn instrumental solo. With all 3-CD’s featuring a variety of production styles from guitar and vocal, to simple rhythm sections, to more intricate instrumentation, female vocal harmonies and more.





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