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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Happy Curmudgeons - Folk - Michigan, USA | YouTube | Spotify

23-04-2019 01:59 GMT

Discover Folk music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Michigan's independent/emerging music scene with Happy Curmudgeons

Happy Curmudgeons
Folk Music Band
Michigan, USA


Dave Hamilton

The Happy Curmudgeons were formed officially on August 1, 2015 by David Hamilton. David minored in music at Miami University where he studied electronic music and guitar with Jim McCutcheon. He played on many projects for other students in the electronic program at that time. David also played guitar for the Angel-Headed Hipsters and bass with Curved West at that time. While attending Miami University, he was able to meet Neil Young, Lou Reed and Christopher Parkening. Those artists had encouraging advice and proved to be powerful influences on his songwriting. David also met Bob Weir after graduation while attending a RatDog show. His encounter with Weir inspire the songs Soulsville, You Gotta Move On and Be Yourself. Soulsville and You Gotta Move On are included on Meant 2 Be. - David played guitar on Phil Denny's 2015 release, Upswing. He worked with Grammy nominee producer Nate Harasim during those sessions. Mr. Harasim became the producer for the Happy Curmudgeons project. Nate also played keyboards on Meant 2 Be on the track Seasons. - The lyrics for the Happy Curmudgeons album were written by David Hamilton. Stu Cameron and Jeff Warner also helped to co-write lyrics for Meant 2 Be. Keith Leonard and Shawn Ramsey were also instrumental in writing music for the Happy Curmudgeons debut album. David also worked with Amy Dixon-Lavery on vocal tracks, Meant 2 Be, for this project.

Amy Dixon - Lavery

Amy sang with the Imlay City choir while attending high school. She went on to sing at the state finals in Lansing and won recognition as a top vocalist. Meant 2 Be is the first album to feature her vocal talents.

Jeff Warner

Jeff Warner is a self-taught guitarist who began playing at age 10. Folk, bluegrass and jam band rock has been his forte. His main musical influence has been the work of Bob Dylan. Jeff also was strongly moved by Paul Simon and Richard Thompson. Mr. Warner has played with Gene Pool, The Flow and Pole Barn Rebels. Guitar is Jeff's main instrument, but he also plays mandolin as well.





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