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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Slim Tin Fox - Rock - Dublin, Ireland | Soundcloud | YouTube

28-04-2019 10:42 GMT

Discover Rock music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Dublin's independent/emerging music scene with Slim Tin Fox

Slim Tin Fox
Rock Music Band
Dublin, Ireland


Formed in Dublin in 2018 and previously named as Chutes Too Narrow, SLIM TIN FOX combines the Attitude and Power of the Punk and Hard Rock with the melody and warmth of the Blues and Folk. Consisting of a truly multinational Line up with the softly aggressive vocals of US National T.J. Lynn, the punchy bass lines of the Brazilian Arthur Lopes, the strong and technical guitar riffs and solos of Dublin born Rob Grehan and the heavy beats of the Italo-Irish drummer, Justin Capocci, SLIM TIN FOX is capable of navigating through different styles and sounds without losing its essence, its identity.

Not afraid of exploring and taking new opportunities , the four- piece went in studio to record their first 5 song EP Demo, in July 2018, only sixty days after starting off as band. Despite of its very modest budget and rough production quality, the EP managed to get some of its tracks played by independent radios in countries around the world, including Germany, US and France, and gave the group the opportunity of playing in some of the coolest and most iconic venues in Dublin.

2019 looks very promising for the group, with an upcoming videoclip to be released in the first semester of the year for one of their EP tracks and their partnership with UK Label Animal Farm which has resulted in the recording of three other brand new tracks which will start to be released on the second half of the year. Whether you like their sound or not, the hard work those guys have put into this project makes SLIM TIN FOX a band that deserves at least to be observed more closely in 2019!!!





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