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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Dave Mack - Pop - Massachusetts, USA | YouTube

23-04-2019 00:47 GMT

Dave Mack
Pop Music Artist
Massachusetts, USA


The Ultimate One man Band

Given todays economy problems and the just plain difficulties of having more than one person agreeing on any certain subject or music, Dave Mack has taken charge of all his musical direction and instrumentation. With todays modern technology and his musical genious he has devised what was at one time a one man band. More accurately known as Backing tracks. Dave's track are custom done featuring Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and some Horns when needed. These backing tracks are custom in the way that he has performed them playing all the instrumentation himself, with lovable different versions of classic tunes as well as some new. Complete medelys that rival the best vegas show bands, with an act that takes up a space no larger than restaurant table seating, which can also be enlarged enough to fill any nightclub or small arena. Private parties in peoples living rooms is not uncommon for Dave as well as poolside settings or beach. Wedding receptions are also very much the norm for Dave as we do at least one a month. Dave Mack's musical career began professionally while he was in high school playing nightclubs, dances and social functions. As a young child in elementary school he studied Many instruments. Guitar became his first love and by the age of 19 while attending The Los Angelos Musicicans Institute he met up and recorded with Samaki and The Variations and performed on the hit single ""Cant Stop The break' in 1984. He torued with the group for 9 months and returned home to form his own group as well as play with many groups in the New England Area. In 1993 Dave replaced Mikey Chung in Hartford ct's number one reggae band ""Cool Runnings"". He toured for five years and during each of those five years they were awarded Hartford's best Reggae Band. Dave went on to form Funk Food wich received Hartfords best Funk Band. Funk Food went on to be The David Mack Band, which still performs upon request today. David Has recorded Six CD's as well a X'mas cd. His first release 14 Grooves sold over 6500 copies, and his latest One man, One guitar, All styles, can be purchased at any performance. Classification is nearly impossible, as he reaches all styles, and all ears young and old. Daves Darling wife Myra is now accompanying him on weekend nights and has expanded his set to now include songs by such female greats as Blondie,Pat Benatar, stevie nicks, Selena,Addelle,Jesse J, and many more, upon request. David also teaches Private Guitar lessons, and records all of his music at his own recording studio in Bloomfield ct. He has opened for and rubbed elbows with international stars, such as The Wailers, James Brown, War, BB King, and Many others.




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