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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: In Oceans Deep - Metal - Steffisburg, Switzerland | YouTube

09-03-2019 14:25 GMT

Discover Metal music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Steffisburg's independent/emerging music scene with In Oceans Deep

In Oceans Deep
Metal Music Band
Steffisburg, Switzerland


"Producing a CD is a tedious, expensive and time-consuming process. But every minute I hear about this EP gives me everything back." - Amos Zürcher, bass player of In Oceans Deep.

This conclusion describes how the band "In Oceans Deep" felt after the release of their first EP. A lot of energy and passion flowed into the photos. As a reward for the effort, the first work of "In Oceans Deep" can be heard absolutely. The many positive feedback spurs on writing new songs and playing on stage.

"In Oceans Deep" are five guys from the Thun area. The band was founded on January 28, 2015 by the singer Tobias Eisenring, drummer Eliad Fiechter, bassist Mätthu and the two guitarists Jonas Gafner and Domi Leutenegger. Together they wrote the first song "Your Decision" and recorded as a single in November 2015. Because of stylistic differences, the bassist Mätthu left the band after the recording session. He was replaced by Amos Zürcher. Again, the band wrote five more songs in quick succession.

Their first appearance was "In Oceans Deep" on 21 May 2016 as an opener for the CD christening of "Frank Needs Help" at the KUFA in Lyss. The band played their 6 songs loosely but determinedly and amazed the audience with this first sovereign appearance. Hardly anyone noticed that this was the first gig and who knew it, was surprised by the solid performance. Then followed a few smaller gigs in the tower and in Lios in Thun. The big goal in 2016 was the recordings of the first EP. The last recording session was completed in January 2017. Unfortunately, Domi left the band during this time due to several months abroad. During the recording Domis Parts were taken over by Mäthu Wisler. Mäthu contributed significantly to the varied sound and the brilliant solos.

On 28 April 2017 it was time and the EP was released with a big party. Fortunately, Mischa Bratsch from "Skyllas Revenge" could be engaged as a backup guitarist for this performance. With that, "In Oceans Deep" could celebrate the release party with a complete lineup. Much to the delight of the guests and also the band, Mathu Wisler invested his talent in the performance and shone with a Featuring in the song Tolerated. The release party missed a strong momentum in Oceans Deep. This gives the band energy and energy to continue writing songs, finding guitarists and taking care of more gigs.





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