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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: SKy76 - Electronica - Renens, Switzerland | Soundcloud | YouTube

25-02-2019 15:21 GMT

Discover Electronica music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Renens's independent/emerging music scene with SKy76

Electronica Music Producer
Renens, Switzerland


"Challenge yourself everytime to go further, avoid repeating the same thing. Find the right sound, at the right moment!!"

Starting as a musician at 10 years old, SKy76 began to enjoy a wide musical spectrum, and especially the electronic music scene when he was teenager, since late 70’s and the early ages of synthesizers to 80's-90's and the era of digital machines.These world of machines has always fascinated him. With this passion in mind, he began to gradually build his own Home Studio and began composing and producing himself electronic tracks.

In early 2000’s, he became an audio engineer and fulfilled his longstanding dream, being able to produce a track from start to end, from the stage of creation and composition, until the final mix and audio mastering.

As a keyboard player (he played on several rock bands and some electro-jazz project), the melodic character of music is important, but he also constantly looking for a new musical inspiration and sounds. The movie soundtracks and sound-design had greatly inspired him (he made two soundtracks project for video documentary). Lot of things happening behind the motion pictures, and it’s fascinating to learn how create a particular emotion or feeling with music and sounds.

In 2008, “Deconstruction” was his first official album, auto-produced, and a collection of his best tracks. Before this release, two tracks were selected in a special radio show called "The Blue Planet", broadcasted on Switzerland radio "Couleur3". And the track "Earthfield" has been selected on the CD compilation "The Blue Planet Vol. 6".

In 2011, the second album "Close-Up" is released on digital platform only, and explore much further the mix of classical music elements with electronica sound-design. This time, his violinist friend works with him on two tracks. He introduced him also an amazing young female opera singer, who became the central part of "2st Chapter". An album CD reissue was made in 2013, and included a special bonus track that took a year of work and raised great challenges (blend together a well-known symphonic piece for full orchestra and current electronica sound-design): "News from the Old World".

After few private showcases and small electronic festivals in Switzerland, SKy76 had the opportunity to present a new "live" formula at "La Datcha" /Lausanne venue, in 2013. His violonist friend was deeply involved and played a large part on the show and the wonderful female singer from the last album also.

A new EP (3 tracks) came out in fall 2014, distributed by a small music label "Filter Label". "Electro-Acoustic Life Form" is one of the track that defines the current soundtrack trend: blend hybrid/organic sounds with acoustic and electronic instruments.

And after two years of silence, the new EP "Emotional Level" is released in december 2016 with the help of UK "Humtracks" music label and production company.

Four new tracks that make the term "cinematic" experience evolving in a more acoustic and ethnic world of sounds.





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