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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Baby Powder - R&B - London, UK | YouTube | Spotify

15-02-2019 15:57 GMT

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Baby Powder
R&B Music Band
London, UK

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆


Baby Powder is a London based quintet that mixes genres to achieve a unique sound characterised by tight grooves, luscious harmonies and sultry vocals. The band members, who are represented by a blend of different cultures, push the boundaries from jazz, soul to world and fusion atmospheres, allowing elements of improvisation and eclecticism, both live and in the studio. Influenced by contemporary neo soul, funk, jazz artists and old skool giants, Baby Powder came to life in 2017, beginning with their live acts. Soon after they had the opportunity to record their early singles at Ernie McKone Boogie Back Records Studios. Only a year later, Baby Powder have been working on a new EP, have a monthly presence at New River Studios with their eponymously named radio show BABY POWDER URBAN BEATS at 199Radio, where band members deliver a podcast and improvise live with an amazing guest line up - Dylema, VALNTNA, Ramone, Dana so far. In the last few months Baby Powder hit the stage with some top turn outs at the Old Queens Head and The Macbeth, and 2019 promises to bring a host of more BABY POWDER excitement as the show goes on both on stage and in the studio to finalise their new EP



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