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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Tony Also - R&B - Florida, USA | Reverbnation

15-02-2019 10:09 GMT

Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Florida's independent/emerging music scene with Tony Also

Tony Also
R&B Music Artist
Florida, USA


R&B Singer & Rapper Of Puertorican decent.He grew up in the marlboro Housing projects,in Brooklyn NY.His love for music began,in his early childhood years.He started writting novels and stories at first.He then transitioned to writting and recording songs in his 3rd floor apartment room at the housing complex ,where he lived, at the age of 12 - 14.before writting songs or creating music ,he would sing along to anything that had melody or music.Even the sound of video games inspired him to create songs when he was 10 years of age. but this habit developed a step further ,when he turned 12 years old and progressed much deeper through out his early teen years, singing was a hidden gift.he didnt want to reveal this talent to his peers in the projects.so he shared his lyrical abilities in the form of HipHop and rap battles in cyphers in the projects, when he was 13 year or all the way to 14.This is one of the ways he earned respect in his neighborhood.when he rapped ,people in the neighborhood,knew him as MC T.S.E. ,which was a acroynm. The Acroynm stood for Top Suckers Easily. when he moved out of brooklyn to longisland he met some friends that were singing and forming groups and this became the opportunity to hone the singing skills that he often put on the back burner ,when he lived in brooklyn.From then on he became the lead singer and wrote all the songs for the group he was in.after creative differences ,he broke up with the group and went solo and has pursued his music since then and has opened up for major latin groups like extreme & son by four. This Opportunity came about with a hiphop group he sang the hooks for.His name A.L.S.O. was given to him by the local rap group in Newyork,because Tony was also featured in their song.But Tony Decided to give the name A.L.S.O. a acroynm by personifying it to mean Always Learning Surpassing Obstacles which were added to the letters,to give the name more meaning. Tony Also music is available on all major platforms ,Spotify applemusic,Itunes,Googleplay,Napster,Tidal,Amazon,online radio etc.social media,Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Utube




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