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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: MDAZ - Hip Hop - Strasbourg, France | Soundcloud | YouTube

14-01-2019 07:27 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
Strasbourg, France


MDAZ ,is an artist rap/r'n'b/soul...born in Libreville /GABON in central AFRICA ,MDAZ from his real name MAMBANA Erwan lilian has traveled a lot during his teenage years due to his parents who were diplomats ,the souvenirs of places he has been like morrocco ,russia ,cote d'ivoire has inspired him basically to be the musician he is right now .he has been always involved in the music since his younger years ,but the death of his mother in 2011 ,gave him the strenght will to record and publish his music to the social network like Facebook ,reverbnation,he has signed in 2012 to the ind├ępendant label 435 TIPS ENTERTAINMENT in term of collaboration ,which is managed by the CEO IZAY ROLAND .the artist ,continues on his ways throught new featuring and exploring new waves in the music ,he has been influcenced in jazz ,blues ,he plays the guitar,in hip hop he has been influenced mostly by artist from the east coast like biggie,D block,r Kelly ,jaheim ,he is also influenced by french artist like booba,dosseh,oxmo puccino etc ....MDAZ is an artist who deserves to be discovered.





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