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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: M.A.L - Hip Hop - California, USA | Spotify

10-01-2019 07:07 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
California, USA


Even though player hated on from day one because M.A.L. didn't beg for a hand out from something ( record labels , etc ,etc. ) else instead Chose to hand it to himself Continues to finish Albums , etc , etc in city of Los Angeles ( West Coast ) . After the recessionary period damn near winding out in the streets for we won't say no names/individuals who refuse the pay Dime from Day one ( not as they couldn't extend there hand they chose not to ) plus those who tried discriminate. M.A.L. Is getting a fresh start and will continue to work with Software Designers/Hardware Manufactures for Commercial Releases companies found in links below. To further advance all future Albums/Video/Soundtrack , etc releases and concerts by M.A.L. ENTERTAINMENT plus collaborations with other recording artists for your listening pleasure.




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