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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Troy - Hip Hop - London, UK | SRL Networks London Music PR

21-11-2018 19:27 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
London, UK

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


Troy Kiffin Davis White grew up in Harlem, NYC. Troy is a self made artist only putting his first song out in April literally recording in his bathroom. With low knowledge of how to make music he promoted a low quality song called Picasso. To the surprise of him now people liked it, and it collected 300 streams first week. He showed improvement with his new ep, Troys Rhymes Over Yours: Earths Intro. Not only did the quality of Picasso get better, but the other 5 songs on his EP showed his musical growth as well. He cleverly turned a freestyle into a song on jungle, and his intro song DRIP uses him playing the piano for the first time, instead of a loop. KING and Gasolina showed his ability to create a nice hook, while still adding some activism in there. Wrist Havin pushed the boundaries, combining a flute and a horn that wouldn't normally be combined, but managed to work together for the song. His whole flow although original to him, definitely has some influences. He gets his obvious puns from lil wayne and J. Cole, his voice modulation from A$AP Rocky, and his use of voice on his beats from Kanye West.


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