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The Uninvited Want To Find Their Fans | Emerging Band Auditions 2023




13-05-2023 13:34 GMT

The Uninvited

California, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆

"We want to find our fans. "

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The Uninvited was founded in 1988 in Los Angeles when brothers John and Steve Taylor teamed up with longtime friend Bill Cory on bass and Bruce Logan on drums. In bluegrass bands since the age of 14, the Taylor Brothers brought a unique background to band…one that wasn’t generally accepted with the hair metal and alt- rock scene burgeoning in Hollywood at the time.

For the next three years, The Uninvited built a cult following on LA’s west side, where guitar pop, folk, and rock blended with influences of the Paisley Underground. The band garnered major music industry buzz as well as critical acclaim in the Los Angeles music press.

The Band went on to record and release three CDs on their independent Roarshack Records label, and subsequently won MTV’s Beach House Band contest. Armed with their independent CD “Artificial Hip” and a brand-new Ford Econoline van, the foursome set out to tour and never come back. The Uninvited left their hometown of Los Angeles and eventually “settled” in San Francisco (“settling” in this case meaning “where they washed their shorts in between tours”). In the next two years, they played almost 500 shows, thrilling audiences with their unique mix of power-pop guitars, amplified banjos & mandolins, soaring harmonies, sardonic lyrics, and energetic stage presence.

All this activity caught the attention of Atlantic Records, which released the band’s self-titled major label debut in 1998. The album yielded two alternative radio hits, “What God Said” and “Too High For The Supermarket,” while other songs became featured on TV shows like Party of Five, Beverly Hills 90210, and MTV’s Road Rules and The Real World. The Uninvited kept up the touring pace, opening for acts like Dave Matthews and Blues Traveler.

In 1999, The Uninvited parted ways with Atlantic and sought greater opportunities on the Internet. In October of that year, the band released “It’s All Good” on their own label, Half-Baked Records. Shortly afterward, original bassist Bill Cory was replaced by Frederick “Ladd” Story, formerly of Los Angeles prog-rock kings Urban Circus. Still booked by Monterey Peninsula Artists, the band kept up its relentless touring schedule, averaging 50,000 miles a year on the road.

In December 2001, the band completed its 6th full-length album, “Malltopia,” which was followed by “Teenage Dance Party,” a collection of rarities. In 2004, Cory and the Taylor brothers teamed up with drummer John Messier for the side project Fish Ranch Road. The resulting album, “The Farther Down We Go,” showcased the band’s evolution to a more rootsy, Americana sound.

After a hiatus, the Taylor brothers reformed The Uninvited in 2019 with drummer John Messier and bassist Tony Giuliano. In 2022, they returned to San Francisco’s legendary Hyde Street Studios to record their 7th full-length album, Broken Promiseland.

And once again, the road beckons…

Career Goals | Objectives:

Finding our fans, getting better gigs, placing our extensive catalog.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

The School of Beating Your Head Against The Sidewalks of Los Angeles

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Guitars, Amps, Drums, Keyboards, Vocal Cords

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Yes. About 30 gigs in the last 12 months.



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