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Missy Elliot Reminiscent Vibe: Discover Edrica | Music Discovery XO Auditions 2023




30-04-2023 15:51 GMT


Ohio, USA

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"I want to book more gigs. "

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Music has always been a strong influence in the life of Edrica Michele. She grew up around family members that have a strong foundation in music. In fact, her late mom was a singer, church pianist and organist. Her late grandfather played the piano and the organ as well. He played all genres of music, including gospel, jazz, and classical. He inherited his musical talents from his mother. Therefore, Edrica is the fourth generation of musicians in her family. When she was seven years old, she realized that she had a gift to compose music.

Later in her musical career, she started to develop many composition skills by entering the educational music programs such as symphonic band from elementary school to college. Morris Brown College is where she started to progress in her talent by studying in their music education program. There she took entry level piano class and music theory classes that taught her the fundamentals of music. After attending Morris Brown for two years, she transferred to American Intercontinental University where she studied media production- audio concentration. There at American InterContinental University she gained knowledge concerning electronic music and audio engineering. These programs gave her a solid foundation on music production.

Recently, she has been composing and producing music for upcoming artist in Atlanta, GA and Columbus, GA in Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Country and Rock. She loves to produce many genres of music because it gives her the opportunity to express herself without limitations. The music she produces is all positive. Now Edrica is showing the world that she is a gospel singer and rap artist ready to shine her light unto the world. She has performed at numerous shows in the Columbus and Atlanta, GA along her brother gospel rapper Mr. Church Boy.

Career Goals | Objectives:

Book more gigs, get more fans, get signed, sell more records

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:


Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Protools, and Fruity Loops

Influences | Sounds Like:

Missy Elliot

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:



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