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Unsigned Music Producer Auditions 2023: Christian Kössler - Dance - Vienna, Austria | SRL




16-03-2023 22:01 GMT

Christian Kössler

Vienna, Austria

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆

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beginning is difficult! Getting here wasn't always easy. But I wouldn't want to change anything for the world. My willingness to learn and experience as a craftsman, service technician, PC specialist, sound engineer, multimedia technician, as a creative person, composer, photographer and much more have made me what I am today - and I have also learned a lot from mistakes. Yes, you heard me right - I think you can learn a lot from mistakes. My customers can benefit from this today, because, based on my many years of experience, I can help you to avoid them from the start and thus save a lot of time and money.


These two passions have been part of my life since I was 15 and are definitely my favorites from a technical point of view. I started to get involved with music and recording technology at a time when recording systems were still REALLY expensive and we dealt with things like analogue editing. Almost unimaginable today. A lot has happened since then – VERY MUCH. I play a little guitar and piano. A little? The main focus was probably more and more on the recording technique. I never became a good musician that way. Sound technicians do - rumor has it ;-/ in circles of friends


As an autodidact, I like to realize myself in most areas and attach great importance to quality, creativity and attention to detail. See also our detailed offer.

For more than 40 years I experienced the software & hardware development in various directions and invested tens of thousands of hours in countless PC assemblies and configurations. My entry into digitization began with a Commodore 64 and an Atari computer. Today it is almost unbelievable that these veterans were doing their job in all sound and video studios around the world. And that wasn't even that creepy for those times. Today, applications such as audio/video synchronization via SMPTE code or the programming of musical instrument digital interfaces or analog magnetic tape editing are only required in very rare cases, but knowledge about them can be very valuable in various cases. Many things have become much easier these days - a keyword maybe plug & play. But on the other hand, many applications have also become much more complex and enable new areas of responsibility that no one dared to dream of a few years ago. All in all, I would say that the computer world is a paradise for every interested technician. But in order to stay on the ball and to be able to keep pace with the extremely fast development, a good portion of idealism and tens of thousands of unpaid hours of work and study are required.

Career Goals | Objectives:

on my private homepage you will find everything about me. Biography, Hobbies, Sicknesses, Artworks - everything about me. I hope it´s ok to give you the link to my VISITE CARD PAGE. https://christiankoessler.jimdofree.com/

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

yes, audio-ingeneer in Vienna, Tone-Art Studio

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

a complete Homestudio, Software mostely Cubase and Band in a Box, DEXIBELL VIVO S9 Stage Piano, KURZWEIL K2500 Workstation-Module, ROLAND Sonic Cell Workstation-Module, a lot of Software-Plugins, 1 Desktop PC, 2 Laptops, YAMAHA RY30 Drumstation, 2x BEHRINGER X2442 USB Mixer, 5x VIENNA ACOUSTICS Haydn Studio-Monitor, 2x EMINENT LFT8 High End Speaker, 2x RODE NT1 Microphone, 1x AKG SR40 Microphone and much more

Influences | Sounds Like:

U2, Pink Floyd, Eddie Harris, Johnny Guitar Watson, Aretha Fraklin, Power of Tower,

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

not yet



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