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Unsigned Artist Auditions 2023: Viceroybill - Country Pop - Ontario, Canada | SRL




16-03-2023 21:21 GMT


Ontario, Canada

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


Released "A Stingrays Barb" after the unexpected death of Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter of Australia. I had planned to use "A Better Day" as the title prior. Many songs received awards and inspired "Don't want to change" CD.
Born Thistletown, Ontario , Bill attended Albion Gardens PS and due to a high IQ score, was offered music lessons for life . I just needed my parents endorsement which I forget to get. So much for high IQ's! Bill was a Junior Forest Ranger at Lake of the Wood PP and borrowed a guitar to play a John Denver song. Five minutes later the cook took the guitar away and said, "Your good in a kitchen!". Against my parents wishes, I attended Ontario Bible college and Toronto Seminary. Years later married my high school sweetheart, was entrusted with Meaghan, Taryn, Braeden and Jordyn as wonderful kids. I couldn't love my wife and children more and they were my life for 17 years. My then loving wife asked me to leave and played games with our children causing tremendous suffering and hurt. If my experience can help anyone, please don't use innocent children as a weapon. Ever!
Only because of Yahuah (Gods') love and comfort received,I survived. Through this time I penned my observations of my feelings and those of people I met. Terrible weird things happen in this stage of life, my writings and readings kept me sane. Once my writings were put to melody, I performed them and received tremendous appreciation from listeners in many venues. Therefore I booked a local studio and recorded my first CD. As mentined, it was to be entitled, "A Better Day", with all the songs reflecting what had happened in my life. Mid way, an international nature educator died unexpectedly. Steve Irwin, renowned "Crocodile Hunter" was accidentally stung in the heart by a stingray. The only place it could be fatal. It was his death that shocked the world and drove me to tears. I'm sure it combined with the hurt and loss I had already been feeling but out of it I was inspired to pen the song "A Stingrays Barb". This became the title track of my CD. It won awards and earned attention from many "Super star writers and musicians" which helped me hone my writing skills. Many years and awards later, I was asked to join a tour of India in 2 0 11 performing in 6 venues. I continue to publish songs on my web site and I am working with others who would like to record a version of Viceroybill songs. Please introduce yourself and become a fan. This will be a long and interesting adventure. Life always is! As this world implodes through individual greed and tyranny, please allow me to bring my perspective of hope, grace and love. When you download a Viceroybill song you support the fight for goodness. I always believe! Please join me! Thanks again. Viceroybill



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