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The Rolling Stones Type Songs Using Gibson Les Paul: Discover Alternative Rock Artist Michael Lumby | Music Auditions '23




04-03-2023 02:40 GMT

Michael Lumby

Scotland, UK

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"I want to get signed. "

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An ever-rising star in the music industry, Michael Lumby is a solo Scottish singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and self-employed sound engineer, who writes, records and produces from his home recording studio based in Perth, Scotland .

Taking influences from late 60's to late 70's rock and more recently Indie rock, his music tells stories of fictional and nonfictional tales. He also takes influences from country music, classic orchestra music and pop. With a wide variety of genres, his music has the chance to appeal to an ever-growing audience.

Hitting the heights with the first single off his debut album, “Black Magic”, 2020 saw the release of his debut collaborative album, "Wolves On The Mountain", which was released on the 7th of August. Before the release of his anticipated debut album, Lumby was inspired, like many, to write a song based around the global pandemic. With a simple message, his lock-down single titled “Stay At Home”, was a major hit and it produced an excellent article which was published in the local newspaper. “Stay At Home” featured four local lads from Perth and this song sparked Lumby’s interest in collaborating with fellow musicians and singers.

“Wolves On The Mountain” is Michael Lumby’s debut album, which was recorded and produced at his recording studio (Drumbeg Studios) near Perth, with the help of his co-producer Michael Galloway. Lumby also summoned the help of four collaborative singers, whio feature throughout the album. All the songs on the album were written by Lumby himself at Drumbeg Studios. Every single song on the album has its own unique sound and each track have the potential to fall into its own genre of music. This wide variety of music is something which Lumby loves to lean into and he hopes this gives him the chance to create a wider fanbase for the future.

Lumby and his co-producer Michael Galloway are currently in the progress of producing their 2nd album, in just over three years of working together. He hopes to continue the collaborative side of his music, by working with similar singers and new musicians along the way.

Career Goals | Objectives:

To get signed, build more of a fanbase and get more people listening to my music

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

Bsc Audio Engineering, University of Highlands and Islands

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez GIO, Yamaha MOX8 Keyboard, Acoustic Piano

Influences | Sounds Like:

The Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, The Beatles

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Not performed live for a while



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