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Independent Music Auditions: Prosektura - Metal - Tabor, Czech Republic | SRL Networks




25-03-2023 16:05 GMT


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We are a cult metal band from Tábor, founded in 199 0 .

The Prosecutor's Office was founded in Tábor in 1990. The first more stable line-up was: Zdeněk Prášek- drums , Roman Pavličko-vocals, Jiří Kunc-bass, Tomáš Tourek-guitar and Milan Kotápiš. In 1991, they perform for the first time in Tábor with the group Disaster. Actions with Debustrol, Kabát, Gepard, Executor, Brian, etc. follow. In August 1992, the group records the first demo called FLOWERS OF EVIL. The demo is very positively received by the fans. The group is even in talks with Monitor about releasing an LP. However, this does not happen because of some members, because they had an exit with the then manager of Monitor.

The contract for the release of the album falls apart and the line-up also falls apart. The singer is the first to leave, followed by the others except the drummer Z. Prášek. Zdeněk is looking for new members. Milan Kotápiš also returns for a while, but he also leaves and the new line-up in the form of Z.Prášek-drums, vocals, Houba-guitar, vocals and Shit-bass plays a few events. After that, the guitarist Hroch joins. In this line-up, the group records the second demo of MANTICHORA IMPERATOR. But Hroch announces his departure and is replaced by Míra Zvonař, who already records a few solos on the mentioned second cassette, and is listed as a guest on the MC cover. After a few events, e.g. with: Executor, Corund, Royal Incest, Bába-zépov joins the group. At one event, a recording of a live performance was recorded, which was released in a trimmed form as the EP KLAUN LIVE!

After that, the group records a studio EP which is supposed to serve as a promo for the publisher. The group is preparing material that was to be released under the title SHADOW OF DEATH. But the group practically falls apart. After that, Zdeněk records the solo project VOINTS (he recorded everything himself) and after that he accepts an offer from Royal Incest. Where he played until 2004. In the spring of 2004, Royal Incest disbanded.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

drums, vocals, guitar, bass



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