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Independent Music Auditions: Emmanuel - Hip Hop - Pennsylvania, USA | SRL Networks




20-03-2023 13:30 GMT


Hip Hop Music Artist
Pennsylvania, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


"I produce music to make an impact in the world. I want to make a statement and ripple a change in our society one music at a time. Music is not just my passion, it is an extension of myself. I want to tell a story with every tune and lyric, and make my listeners feel that someone understands them, that they're not alone. I believe my music has potential if amplified by the right partners in the right channels."

Emmanuel is a Hiphop, Pop & Rnb artist who is based in Pittsburgh and makes music for the world. He founded MLP Music, a music production company in 2 0 07.

MLP Music started out as a studio that produced different types of media such as music, podcasts, interviews and music videos. As MLP Music grew, Emmanuel started creating his own music to show his audience the quality of media that MLP Music can produce. As someone who had been into music since his teenage years, he immediately fell in love with writing and producing songs as a way to express himself. With a few nudges and words of encouragement from his daughter, Emmanuel decided to pursue music as one of his many career paths and released his songs for the world to hear.



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