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You're Gonna Love This: Sounds Like Oasis | Music Discovery XO Auditions 2023




08-02-2023 20:20 GMT

Johnethen Fuchs

Pop Music Artist
Dresden, Germany

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆

"I want to sell more records. "


The songwriter founded and played in the Dresden Brit rock band “The Smokkings” in 2007, where he made his first compositional and lyrical experiences.
In 2013 he decided to start his solo project and to form a separate backing band: " Johnethen Fuchs & the Woods".
Since 2014 he has played more than 400 concerts all over Germany and neighboring countries. Partly through extensive solo tours, but also with a whole band, e.g. at various festivals and as a support act for international artists such as Jordan Prince (USA), The Dead Heavys (Ireland), The Bland (Sweden) or Tim McMillan (Australia).
Between folk, pop and indie, the songs are partly euphoric, partly melancholic. The debut album “Algeroy”, released in 2015, results in a harmonious, at times thoughtful sound experience that one is happy to indulge in and is wonderfully drifting away.
The voice falls outside the typical framework of the genre: voluminous blues vocals, delicate-soft falsetto or rough raw rock-sounds - the surprisingly versatile vocals permeate the often autobiographical songs with dedication.
The second album "Less Is Not Enough", which was released in 2018, is arranged in a more differentiated and larger manner. The title says it all and so the 13 songs are about enduring longing, not giving up and striving for more in order to feel alive in every fiber of body and mind.

After the production of the third album in 2020 came to a standstill due to the effects of the corona pandemic, we can now look forward to releases in 2022. In terms of content and composition, the indie songwriter ventures into deeper grounds. In addition to a broader field of musical expression, vulnerability and deliberate imperfectionism is what makes the artist and his work appear approachable, empathetic and lively.
The album concept is about the feeling of alienation in connection with the urge to break out of familiar worlds. Various key moments are exemplified in the songs.

On the one hand to raise awareness of these problems, on the other hand out of solidarity with those affected. They often feel alone with it, but In total there are a lot of them.
Here the music offers connection points and supports communication.

Career Goals | Objectives:

sell more records, get more fans, book more gigs

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Acousic guitar, electric guitar, piano, bluesharp, voice

Influences | Sounds Like:

oasis, mando dioa, arctic monkey, …

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

for sure, I played about 50 shows in the last 12 months



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