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Unsigned Artist Auditions '23: Da Gift - Hip Hop - California, USA | SRL




05-02-2023 17:54 GMT

Da Gift

Hip Hop Music Artist
California, USA

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


Welcome to the life of Da Gift from Notice One Ent.!One thing you should love about this artist is that he do it for the love first before anything!Every since 9 years of age,he's been developing his skills as an artist!So you know by now he's a vet in the game at 29 years old!He's been blessed with the gift to be a songwriter,performer,screenwriter,and also developed a keen ear for good music!At the age of 18,he had put his first 4 track demo out on the streets of St.Louis and got quite a good buzz off that,especially in L.A!So he kept it pushing!As time went on and as the journey kept going he bumped into a lot of local and national artist along the way!Like Future Mic,Leroy Jenkinz,Ruka Puff,Spice 1,Celly Cel,G-Thang,Gena,and many more!Also,perform at certain places like Six Flags,The Ambassador,Club Society,St.Louis Nites,Club Candella,Evening Shade,etc.!The grind he had going didn't stop for anything including personal trials and tribulations he was going through!In 2 0 08,he came across a company called Notice One Inc.,and they joined forces and created the next best thing to Motown Records which was Notice One Ent.!It's been a beautiful ride for this brother,now pushing his blazing major single"So Gangsta",and got other artists in the making that's waiting to explode on the scene!

Yo I'm Da Gift (Sraosha)- the Michael Jaccson of rap!



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