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Independent Music Auditions: P.K.2 - Hip Hop - New York, USA | Skunk Radio Live




23-02-2023 04:35 GMT


Hip Hop Music Artist
New York, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


I want 2 bring something fresh I'm versatile and I do music become it run in my veins if the fame and money come praise to God but if not I know that I got music that somebody who's homeless can related or a 6 figure worker a 1 0 year old a30 or a60year old man I got so many ideas just opportunity a6i don't want to sound kaky but I got goal and I learn that if u don't consider yourself the best and don't believe it I don't think you're fan base not going to believe you either you have to transmit your aura and sell.to everybody that your the best the new fenomen in the industry, 2i know I can be a star in a year know I gonna get a mayor deal and in 5 years I'm going to be not only a rap star a business man as well I'm a songwriter so I can get percent in a lot of thinks and ima be getting fir show25,000 in my fist year I want to be the owner of my masters I mean we can negotiate about that but I have to be part owner so this is why I think I deserve to ve sing and my talent and my nolege of the business mak

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