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Lil Whyte Vibes And Sounds Using Iphone: You've Got To Hear Unsigned Hip Hop Artist Lit Witty | Auditions '23




04-05-2023 00:53 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Florida's independent/emerging music scene with Lit Witty
Music by Lit Witty on YouTube | Spotify

Lit Witty

Florida, USA

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆

"I want to learn about the music industry. "

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My artist name is LIT WITTY (lights in time walk in the truth yo) my real name is David Ray Smith. Haha. Pretty generic to some. Since this is an all out thing and not a standard biography, we can start with I HAVE BEEN THROUGH SOME SHIT!!! This life has been a wild ride so far. I am here to tell you that we ALL feel the same in this respect. We have ALL been through so many things. We will ALL continue to do so. That's life. Embrace it. Deal with it. Live it. Learn. Grow. Feel. Love. Share. Dream. WORK!!!! That's what it seems to be from my perspective. EXPERIENCE!

I'm 35 now. Full custody of 5 teenage kiddos, a beautiful wife, a small business, a truck, iPhone , and Airpods. Those are the people and things that consume my being. So family. Work. Music. Let's get simple. I remember doing Garth brooks karaoke in my Aunt Terena's living room. This was around the age of 7. I grew up on old rock n roll and country licks. The men in my family played guitar, smoked hella weed, played Nintendo, and fished offshore. The women took care of the kids and hung out as well. We were not financially wealthy but overall my upbringing was good. It was family connection and music was there. Always. My uncle played Metallica for me at around 8 years old. 🤯 My parents divorced when I was 9 mom sister and I moved to an apartment. That's when the hip hop influence came in. Started off with stuff like master p, mobb deep, Tupac, biggie, nas, Puff Daddy, mystical, it's crazy how so many are dead or in prison now and it's interesting to look into those who have remained stable and alive!! So we would have guys beating on everything and the older dudes would be rappin. I watched it for a while. Never really started rapping until later. Listened and enjoyed it. It was cool ya know. Plus the stories and lives the rappers lived were insaine!! So I dropped some freestyles with a friend in 7th grade. Then In high school I wrote songs for a rock band and we just had fun. I ended up getting into skateboarding and heavy metal and lots of partying and drugs my entire high school career and thereafter. Thugged out on rap and metal for a few years. Experimented with dealing drugs, became addicted and all that. Then my first daughter was born. I did what every man does. I worked. I took care of business but something was just off. I loved my baby mama but she was crazy af. And I wanted the best for my kid, we ended up having Felicia a year later. That was 2. Then we split and I was in a metal band for a few years. Getting the girls on weekends. It was hectic. I partied a lot. We tried again and had another child a year later. Then we stayed together until ultimatly we had to split for good. We lost the kids and our freedom. Both of us on drugs. The kids went to grandparents, it was crazy. From 2011 to 2017 I was in and out of prison and jail and the childrens lives. Lost in addiction and the streets. I wrote a lot of music in these times. Mostly in lock up and upon initial release I would record a few songs and never do anything with it.

in 2017 I started fresht Tara and I started dating, she's now, my wife. We got a place together and I worked at the plant she worked at Walmart. We were building slowly again with my kids. Then out of no where the state was involved and we ended up getting custody of all of them. This was 6 months after my release from prison. Every since then we have had a few bouts of the past life creeping back in but we have handled it as a family and recently in the last year I have began seriously writing and recording music. What spurned this commitment seems nothing short of divine intervention. I currently have 11 tracks on all platforms. I have an album that's nearly complete, with some reputable gestures, a load to record, and the most exciting thing is that my children are getting involved on the next album. All five of them!! It's gonna be epic. We are really excited to bring a positive message with true grit and life experience to those who can relate and appreciate it.

From here on out it's just continued hard work. Financially it's difficult to do all of this. That's the biggest hurdle for all of us. I need financial literacy for myself and children. We wanna build wealth and share a story with all who will hear it. And we are willing to work to get there.

Career Goals | Objectives:

My main objective is to learn and grow consistently in this industry. This is a never ending process I feel. My Immediate goals would be to book some paid gigs, make some brand partnerships, and get more educated on the business side of music.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

I do not. My music education has been all through experience.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

iPhone, and AirPods to write. Sometimes Presonus Studio headphones and my phone. I like to practice using bandlab. When recording we use windows with Cubase.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Lil Whyte, Lil Baby on a song, Randall Blythe in my aggressive sound.

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

I do perform live. In the last year I have performed 3 times.



.   .   .


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