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Davyd Best Uses Fl Studio To Create Really Cool Tracks - Inspired By One Republic | Unsigned Artist Auditions 2023




05-02-2023 22:01 GMT

Davyd Best

Afrobeat Music Artist
Bouake, Ivory Coast

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆

"I want to find a manager. "


I was introduced to music at a very early age. Growing up in a christian home, gospel(all kinds) was the main music i would enjoy. As i became a teenager i would listen to all kinds of music, as long as i could relate to it on some level, or just out of curiousity. One sunday afternoon, at age 18, i was sitting in my room dreaming about a way to make music withoùt necessarily having to learn to play an instrument. Some months later, i discovered Fl studio music making software and my journey to becoming an artist started. In 2012, i decide to pursue the dream of music making which has become my passion and profession(although i am not getting paid yet). I have written multiple songs, recorded some of them, and over the years i have been able to develop my "own" sound. I spent two years in tunisia to learn music production techniques, but during the trainning i realised that what i needed the most is a professional environment rather than technical trainning. That's the main reason i entered this audition process. Concerning my likes and disliskes, i would like to say that i am a very flexible person, but i am not without character. I enjoy good atmosphere, meeting new people, creating art with them, having new experiences, but i also enjoy being alone sometimes. I enjoy working at night, experimenting with my creativity. Concerning my dirty habits, i like to enjoy a cigarillo and a good drink from time to time, i also like to discuss about everything, i can deal with rejection, but i like the people i care about to be on my side and trust me even when i am not manifesting the "me" that they are used to. I am a music lover and i am a dreamer, and i am holding on to my inner child and its manifestations. I just love to express by creating music. I am not able to do so right now at a level where i can start and finish a project professionnaly because not being in the adequate environment hinders me. Not to boast, but i trust that i am capable of making music that lifts off emotional burdens if only i am given the opportunity. I admire humanity in it's diversity, but i hold on to my values and beliefs and i am convinced that there is an audience for me out there. I am 32 years of age. I have traveled six countries from age 12 to now so i am pretty open minded and understand the need for music to be unique and universal(relatable) at the same time. I would love to be part of the music industry and contribute in terms of creativity, expression and performance.

Career Goals | Objectives:

Get the opportunity to feed the world with the Music that i am inspired and make a living.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

Sound production techniques at APAC Tunis, Tunisia

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Fl studio , Computer software.

Influences | Sounds Like:

One republic , imagine dragons, james brown, david guetta, ray charles, Akon, Aloe blacc, Jessi J, Tony Braxton, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Flo Rida, Timbaland, John Legend, macklemore, Bruno Mars, Angelique Kidjo, Davido, Burna Boy, Tems, passenger, lil wayne, Gwen stefani, ja rule, EVE, Nelly, Soulja Boy, and many more...

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Yes. None.



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