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Music Auditions: MIND BODY & SOUL - R&B - California, USA | Music Discovery XO




26-01-2023 19:29 GMT


R&B Music Band
California, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


MIND BODY & SOUL BAND FEAT: DR.FUNK is one of the best organic Funk Soul R&B Bands in the Industry. Amazing soul vocals Grooves and Horns. They come to funk you!Bakersfield, CA-Based, Organic Funk Band Mind Body & Soul Known Across The Nation For Their Live Organic Funk Performances Will Perform at Seattle, Washington’s 29th Annual HEMPFEST 2020.This year’s 29th annual HEMPFEST 2020 will be arranged in a different format than before, showcasing vendors and performers in a livestream due to COVID-19. It is important for the show which will take place October 10 to go on since the festival is a local ‘economic generator’ for its community, according to HEMPFEST’s Website. Mind Body & Soul, who will perform at 2 pm (PST) picked up the gig in July and are elated to be a part of HEMPFEST whose attendees come from all over the world.Seattle’s HEMPFEST supports regional and national cannabis reform and policy which is why Washington was one of the first states to legalize Cannabis in the U.S.A. Of course, Mind Body & Soul are supportive of these causes and so is their fan base. This Festival Booking comes at a great time for Mind Body & Soul who have been receiving charted placement with the Independent Music Network with their recent hits ““Just a Matter of Time”,” “Do It Right” and “Love Is.” The funk band plans to release their entire album; which will feature their recent hits, Fall 2020 with the help of Bentley Records of whom they signed a distribution and promotional contract in 2019.Normally, Seattle’s HEMPFEST has 800 volunteer staff with three main stages filled with speakers, music and over 400 arts and craft booths and food trucks. This year, speakers and music performances will all be conducted online. This year much of the speakers will be going over important cannabis subjects such as prison reform for non-violent cannabis offenders, legal hemp production, the use of cannabis in hospitals, parental, employee and even renter rights for cannabis users, organic cannabis production and many other important topics.“We believe that our best ability to accomplish honoring those commitments is through the survival of our organization and the creation of new revenue generating projects, philanthropic opportunity and fundraising strategies,” according to a statement made by HEMPFEST 2020 concerning COVID-19 and continuing the annual festival in a safer and more sustainable atmosphere; online.There is no question about Mind Body & Soul’s chemistry which can be seen live and in their music videos. It is more than obvious that their bond shines through, Mind Body & Soul came one beginning in 2012 when DR. FUNK and his brother, guitarist Power Morcillo began to bring together some of the best musicians they could starting with Ray Zepeda (saxophone) who assisted to bring in Ricky Lucchese (Tromone) and Brent Williams (Trumpet). Later on, Farid Zariff (percussion), Cesareo Garasa and Lamar Brooks (both switching it up on drums) and more recently, Eric Barefield (keyboards) which brought the entire band together.Mind Body & Soul is excited for the chance to perform at HEMPFEST 2020 and will continue to safely hold remote events. The band’s determination will invigorate and increasing their fan base and is currently organizing and book




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