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Music Auditions: E11even - Hip Hop - Pennsylvania, USA | Music Discovery XO




04-01-2023 15:33 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Pennsylvania's independent/emerging music scene with E11even
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Hip Hop Music Artist
Pennsylvania, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


I wouldn't be E11even if I wasn't from Philly Tory Lanez vibe, with a mix of meek milly I speak on what I seen, been near, and the real me When I sing I make a vibe for the real to go silly"" E11even is a musical artist from Philadelphia, Pa. He comes from a family filled with musical talent stemming from his mother who was a singer, and 2 sisters who had the same gift. He has always been indulged in music, and have been heavily influenced by the likes of Kanye West, J. Cole, Drake, Meek Mills, and TuPac. He started his musical journey in college where he performed a song for a talent show, and the crowd became intrigued and invested in his stories, Little did he know that was only the beginning of his story. A few years later E11even would be rapping with a friend TJ in a dorm, when another student with studio equipment invited the duo to record for his upcoming ep. After that day E11even would start to official invest in songwriting, then one day while performing a song he wrote on a live, and random follower would push him to invest into music further. After hearing one of a E11even song a female artist offered to pay for E11even to record professionally. This opened E11even to pursuing music professionally. After recording a few track it was time E11even to display his music to the world. There was just one problem he needed a stage name. Music meant therapy to E11even, it's was an authentic way to express how he felt and connect with others, so he knew what people Identified him as had to mean just as much. E11even worked hard on finding a name for himself, until it clicked. Born on Oct 11th 1999 E11even would often write this down as 11/11/1999. His first jersey number was 11, best years were at 11 years old. He constantly got in trouble at school for refusing to sit anywhere besides seat 11, and even quit his high school Varsity team over a dispute with the jersey number 11. Once this realization came to fruition it was settle, E11even became the name of a star in the making. E11even approach to music is that he want to create a vibe catered towards his listeners to express how he felt in situations that most people go through. A track is successful to him when he can get people acting on a desired feeling. E11even music has a tropical sound, that switches from a dancehall vibe type of sound, to authentic rap. His diversity in his music was highlighted through a genius interview which states. ""You can expect a high degree of innovation from E11even! He’s versatile, he’s not sticking to any one lane, yet he’s actively working to create music for ladies, club songs, a streaming song, and much more. "" (Genius, link here. https://genius.com/artists/E11evenn). The diversity he presents is shown in artist like A boogie, Tory Lanez, and Drake, but what makes his music different is how it is crafted together, and the styles that he blends in his music. Coming from a predominately black and impoverished neighborhood, E11even speaks on his experiences, and the visions he see's for his community, and himself. Although, rap was the most popular style of music in his community E11even trended towards a different style. He enjoyed the pop, blues, and alternative music style. This created a diverse background of music in his arsenal that he expresses through his own personal music. He blends the style of traditional pop with rap, and other influences to create a vibe. E11even has released some music trending upwards like his singles Relax, Too $aucy featuring his brother Lil scrap, and his most recent single called Visions. A song that takes a dives deep into the emotional state of E11even upbringing. If you don't catch him at a local open mic, or performing at a club, you can catch him later this year where he is scheduled to perform his song BLK Amerikkka at a festival. This song speaks towards giving other nationalities an insight on the feelings people of color have been going through. He is also scheduled to release some exciting news. E11even has a goal of getting to a millions streams through spotify this year. He is also set to graduate from college this year where he will be expanding his music and education in the South at LSU! You can find E11even on all platform musically. Through Instagram @11.Geez Snapchat @The_legend118 or TikTok @Gmcool240 ""Welcome along to my journey, lets see how far we can take it"" This is my music bio, personally what I like and respect is honesty, to be kept in the light. I understand this the music industry and I'm going to move accordingly, but I understand that like me, Labels, and A and R, and other artists have goals, and motives they want to uphold. I don't got a problem with being the horse that carry everybody dreams, but don't put a carrot in my face to make me go. The fuel I have for myself is enough to get me going, and the respect that I carry for people is enough to keep me going. I don't really carry any vices, I seen what that did to my community, and waited until I understood myself, before I started. My motivation is simple I'm the first born son, I want to carry everybody to the finish line, and I want the world to be able to see my message/art/talent/ and creative, and be remembered as a legend.

Career Goals | Objectives:

As an artist I'm a brand, my current goal is to raise brand awareness. My main career goals is to be able to become an artist that's looked at as the greatest from the year 99, and promote other talent and give them the opportunity to shine their light, and uplift themselves out of their struggles.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

I use the scarlet for an interface, and Logic X pro to record through. One piece of equipment I rely on heavy is EQ and Autotune. The more I engineer my own music the more I see the importance of these two. Another low key tool is the multi-pressor, it takes away the sounds I don't and keeps everything balanced.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Some of my influences are Kanye, Meek Mills, J. Cole, Drake, Big Sean, Tory Lanz, Vory, and TuPac. The one comparison that I received was to Biggie, and we know that's a little off. Being honest I think it's hard to give me a comparison to another artist, but Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, and Drake I believe are the closest 3. When I make it big, I think I'll be found next to the Drake, and the Weeknd section

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Yes, I've been actively looking to promote myself through events, the last 12 months, I've probably performed 50 shows.





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