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Music Auditions: Wyld Ryde - Rock - Kentucky, USA | Music Discovery XO




24-10-2022 18:27 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Rock music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Kentucky's independent/emerging music scene with Wyld Ryde
Music by Wyld Ryde on YouTube | Soundcloud

Wyld Ryde

Rock Music Band
Kentucky, USA

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


Hailing from Louisville, KY WYLD RYDE brings hard rock and heavy metal into the new era with great hooks, arrangements and a heavy, razor sharp modern edge that is sure to please fans all over the world. Growing up the band faced adversity from a very, very early age. Their neighborhoods are extremely crime ridden from violence to drugs. Just making it out was a blessing as lots of their friends and family died from gun violence and drugs.

Career Goals | Objectives:

To get to what we call level 3. Level 3 is touring the world non stop.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:


Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

@Rick Embry The equipment I use is.. Pearl Drums/Hardware Paiste Cymbals Endorsed by Diemond Star Drumsticks Les Paul Guitars, Mesa Boogie triple rectifier heads, Marshall Cabinets and GHS Boomer strings Epiphone Thunderbird B.C. Rich Mockingbird Orange Amplifiers Ampeg Cabinets GHS Boomer strings

Influences | Sounds Like:

Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, WASP

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:






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