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Music Auditions: Iamadd - Hip Hop - Georgia, USA | Music Discovery XO




31-10-2022 18:22 GMT


Hip Hop Music Artist
Georgia, USA

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


Iamadd is often mistaken for a rapper, songwriter, singer instead of selling music my goal is to sell perspective. Iamadd stands for ( I am addicted to different) meaning that I don't belong in any category but my own. My music is taken from the perspective of my life in a nonchalant format because everyone goes through their emotions in their own way. Hearing that someone shares your pain is somewhat comforting to many ears my goal is to make my audience gain the confidence to speak up and gain reassurance in their life that they have the power to take what they want. A little about myself and who I am- My father is a veteran of the United States Army rangers and my mother is a poet I grew up on a farm which is now know as comfort farms known nationally amongst the United States owned by my very own family. Instead of following the footsteps of my family's success I have also had love for music given what I stand for Iamadd ( I am addicted to different) I wanted to find glory and reputation on my own shoulders . My success in music would bring about great change i feel for the reason I was raised with discipline from my father and to be humble from my mother I would like to push a motive for change in humanity should I grow my own platform to stand on and hopefully for others to follow.

Career Goals | Objectives:

My main objective is to boost my audience I am not looking to be signed by a label

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

No I am self taught I have only attended college classes in music theory

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

I use Logic Pro x , Microphone Mxl 990 , BX5a monitors , AKM320 MIDI keyboard , and a solo Focusrite interface

Influences | Sounds Like:

I am inspired by artist like Hopsin, Tech N9ne, I am also inspired by a lot of lofi hip/hop like Shiloh dynasty, I have been told many times that I sound like juice wrld because of the feel my music gives to my audience I combine all of the genre styles I listed into a mix to create my art

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

I have performed at least 4 shows but I have slowed down due to re-management of my team





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