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Music Auditions: Clutch Stingray - Rock - California, USA | Music Discovery XO




05-11-2021 17:24 GMT

Clutch Stingray

Rock Artist
California, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


Ben Holden, retired Army. As a preachers kid I started playing guitar at age 10 in a church group. I didn't play that much in the army, it was as if I went to sleep in a cocoon until BAM I'm awake now and I'm a butterfly. I am a multi instrumentalist if it has strings I can usually figure it out. As a result of moving around in the army I hardly ever ran into someone to jame with, so I delved into home recording and I'm hooked. I play all instruments and engineered the recording with the exception of percussion which my son N8 Holden handles. Clutch Stingray is a fun, party rock band.

Career Goals | Objectives:

exposure / feedback / to get more fans and make money




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