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Music Auditions: Step Theory - Trance - Florida, USA | Music Discovery XO


21-06-2021 23:40 GMT

Step Theory
Trance Music Artist
Florida, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


Step Theory is a project of Eric Randazzo, a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Orlando, Florida. Randazzo's goal with Step Theory was to merge the compositional prose of classical music's 19th and 20th century greats with the driving beats of EDM. Step Theory began in 2003 and since, Eric has had several other musical endeavors, including Derilexus, a progressive metal project, and Between Frequencies Radio, a service meant to establish a self-promoting community of new and unsigned artists through free internet radio play.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

My formal music education started with involvement in K-12 school band programs, where I primarily played the euphonium. During high school, I took several Advanced Placement (AP) music theory courses. Other than that, I am self-taught on several instruments (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards) and in composition, production, and mixing.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

I've been using Fruity Loops to compose, mix, and produce since I started Step Theory back in 2003. I recently began to incorporate Yamaha's VOCALOID VSTi for vocals. I also utilize the Novation Circuit, the ALESIS Q25 Midi Controller, a Yamaha USB Mixing Studio, and a 4x12" Hartke Bass Rig for amplification.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Perhaps surprisingly, my first inspiration for Step Theory was 19th and 20th century classical music. What's now known as "progressive" music in the industry was commonplace for the world's first great composers, from Bach to Beethoven to Shostakovich to Prokofiev. My goal was to take the emotional appeal and thematic development of orchestral music and apply it to electronic music, whether through compositional tactics, instrumentation, or both. As far as what Step Theory could be compared to, Tiesto comes to mind, as does early 2000s European rave music.

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

I have not yet performed music for this project live, though I have been in several groups (rock, metal, and progressive metal genres) which did play shows on a local scale.





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