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Eagles Inspired Country Musician, Currie Wayne Clayton Jr: US Auditions


23-04-2021 19:19 GMT

Eagles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban inspired singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Currie Wayne Clayton Jr uses Pro Tools and Logic Pro X DAWs
Music by Currie Wayne Clayton Jr on YouTube | Spotify

Currie Wayne Clayton Jr
Country Music Artist
North Carolina, USA

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆


CURRIE WAYNE CLAYTON JR began his musical career as a drummer at the early age of 3. Winning several drum contests during his earlier years, his love for guitar came at the age of 14. He has God given talents and is totally self taught. He is an accomplished drummer, guitarist, bass, fiddle piano player. He is an extremely talented vocalist, songwriter, producer, engineer Listed are some of his accomplishments: *Winner guitar Contest Ocean City, MD in the Delmarva Guitar Challenge Champion *NAMM Show for Washburn Guitars, Anaheim Convention Center, 3rd place winner - even with a broken guitar string! *Played the major Key West Clubs (Smokin Tuna, Willie T's, Fury Dinner Cruises, etc) "packing the house" nightly *Auditioned the legendary Southern Rock band Molly Hatchet *Nashville Star Regional Finalist Currie Wayne Clayton Jr now resides in Fayetteville, NC where he is co-owner of Cabin Fever Studio Productions, Charted Records and Forever Bold Publishing. He has several new releases now and coming soon in all music markets - Blues, Country, Christian, Southern Rock, Rock, Pop and the East Coast "beach music" market.

Career Goals | Objectives:

Main career objective is to have a hit song on the charts and get known. I have 100s of songs and a studio in which to produce them. One hit song should start a chain reaction of many hit songs, selling more records. I would like to build a huge fan base and also earn some money! I do not need management - I have a fantastic manager!

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

Plays Guitar/Bass/Drums/Percussion/Fiddle/Keys/Vocals/Writer/ Producer/Engineer. Self taught. God given talent. Writes and plays ALL genres music

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

( DAW Pro Tools 12 and Logic Pro X) (Converter Apogee Symphony I/O Analog to Digital 16x16) (Monitors - Adam Ax3 Mackie HR624 KRK V8) (Compressors KT-76 and 2A-K2 Drawmer 1970 FET EL38x) (Tree Audio Branch II Channel Strip)(Microphones Neumann U87 U47 TLM 67 49 KM184 Pair TLM 103) Mapex Saturn V Drums Sennheiser 421 EV RE20 AKG D112 and many dynamic mics)(Acoustic Guitars Baden 6 String Taylor 12 String) (Electric Guitars Gibson Les Paul Standard Lemon Burst SG, Blueberry Fade, American Made Fender Stratocaster 1073 Fender Telecaster Custom (late father's) and custom fiddles) PRS SE 24 Custom PRS SE 7 String and 5 String Sound Gear Bass)(Roland RD-2000)(Kemper Profiler and Ampeg SCR-DI and Marshal Plexi 1987 with Custom Ken Jones 4-12 Cabinet with Green Back Vintage 30's. 1968 Fender Deluxe

Influences | Sounds Like:

Eagles / Stevie Ray Vaughn / Kenny Chesney / Keith Urban / / Alan Jackson / Lynyrd Skynyrd

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Yes. Performed Live Nations rooms, played Key West clubs regularly such as Smokin Tuna and Willie T's, toured East Coast and Midwest, Resort hotels, etc. Due to Covid, I have only played a handful last 12 months.





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