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Music Auditions: PhillyBoy Montt - Hip Hop - Wisconsin, USA | SRL Auditions

13-01-2020 19:06 GMT

PhillyBoy Montt
Hip Hop Music Artist
Wisconsin, USA


I am a young artist from the city of brotherly love, North Philadelphia to be exact. I was later sent to eau claire wisconsin at the age of 17 do to behavior problems. So basically I was sent to change my ways. For the most part I did but I can honestly say growing up in Philadelphia then moving to an area so different from what I’m used to, helped me find myself. Furthermore something to be passionate about. MUSIC! Music gives me many ways to express myself. Also makes every problem I’ve had or currently am facing go away at that moment. it is a tool I can use to help others know they are not alone. Basically something they could relate to or uplift them at that moment. Why? Because I am not rapping about things I have or don’t have. I’m telling stories on some of the things I seen happen or been threw.





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